Terms of Service

Payment Plans:  At this time we are not accepting any payment plans, we are sorry for any inconvenience. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!

Shipping: We are providing a flat rate shipping of $70. We provide shipping only to the lower 48 states of Continental United States. Local pick up is available and can be scheduled only for Broward County, Florida.

Once order is placed we will schedule shipping overnight for next day delivery between Tuesday-Thursday. Shipping dates will be when temperatures are between 40-80F here as well as on the receiving end. Shipments will be delivered to the address provided with your order, however we recommend to ship to your local FEDEX hub for pick up, by doing so you are adding extra security to your package as Shipments held at FEDEX hubs are climate controlled and considered amongst many as the safest method to receive your animal. Home delivery if chosen, is the buyers responsibility to receive in person on the 1st attempt. We under no circumstance will be held responsible for any shipment that was not received on 1st attempt or left unsupervised at your personal address. Safe shipping temps are always at our discretion. We are not responsible for incorrect addresses provided by the buyer nor shipment delays by the courier.

Health Guarantee: All geckos will have a 7 day guarantee. If there is any concern or should there be an unfortunate occurrence you(the buyer) are responsible for contacting us via phone, text, or email within one hour of receiving your package to inform us of the arrival condition of your animal. All health guarantees are null and void if you do not contact us within one hour of receiving. In the unlikely event of illness or death within 7 days, you will be offered a credit towards an available gecko your choice of equal value or would have to pay the difference of an animal of more value. If there is not a comparable gecko available, a standing credit will be issued for The Gecko Room use only. This credit is valid for 12 months (1year) of the date the credit was issued. The cost of shipping will not be reimbursed or credited. you will be required to pay the shipping for your new animal. You are also required to submit proof of illness or death with clear photographs and/or videos. Injuries sustained after arrival such as from other pets, inappropriate care, and other forms of physical harm will not be covered under the health guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: that tail loss during shipment can occur and is not covered under any health guarantee.

Sexing: All geckos listed as male or female are not guaranteed unless we have listed them as so. If the buyer purchases any animal that is not listed as male or female then buyer is accepting full responsibility of whatever sex the animal turns out to be. Note: We strive to sex every animal to the best of our ability and if we are in doubt for any reason we will not list a sex on the animal, it will be listed as unsexed. 


Photography: Animals are photographed to show as much detail as possible. We do not alter photos at any time. Please keep in mind lighting and electronics can differ and can make animals look different than in person. We do attempt to photo both fired up and fired down photos so that you are able to see exactly what the animal looks like both ways but not guaranteed.

Note: Sales will not be made to minors under the age of 18. We reserve the right to refuse any sale with the best interest of the animal in mind. When purchasing a gecko from The Gecko Room, you are agreeing to all the terms listed above.